South Korea, Seoul :: Transcendental Selfie

South Korea, Seoul :: Transcendental Selfie

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Kunst omdat het moet (Lochristi)

Food photography 4: Sticky salami
The flesh is weak 1 :: Peeping Tom
The flesh is weak 1 :: Peeping Tom

Bezoekers van de tentoonstelling ‘Kunst omdat het moet’ in Lochristi die alle werken willen bekijken kunnen deze hier vinden:

Note to the English readers.

I am attending a local art exposition showcasing parts of the series The flesh is weak and Food photography?. So just adding some pointers for those interested to enjoy the complete series.

Belgium, Molenbeek :: Be seated

Belgium, Molenbeek :: Be seated

At your own risk!

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Portfolio highlight :: Food photography?

Food photography 4: Sticky salami

I am highlighting some older portfolio work for new blog followers that you might have missed …

Please have a look at my series ‘Food Photography’

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Light bulbs composition

Light bulbs composition

Reworked some old studio photographs in Photoshop and turned it into a fine-art photography composition.

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Where are the “The flesh is weak” and “Food photography?” series?

The flesh is weak 1 :: Peeping Tom

It seems that some people have trouble finding these portfolio series. Please navigate these links …

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The flesh is weak :: Fighting insomnia

The flesh is weak 5 :: Fighting insomnia

Yesterday I posted ‘Batteries included’ in the series ‘Food photography?’.

Today I show you a work in the series ‘The flesh is weak’ called ‘Loosing again’ referring to gambling addiction.

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