France, Jura :: Imagine the size of the cows!

France, Jura :: Imagine the size of the cows!

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Abstract work, 24 July 2017

Abstract work, 24 July 2017

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Manipulated architecture photography

Twisted architecture photography

I’m doing some experiments with image manipulations based on architecture photo’s I have made in the past like this one.

Escher is a source of inspiration for sure. More to come …

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France, Garlan :: Conflicting symbols?

France, Garlan :: Conflicting symbols?

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France :: Club Taurin Garlan

France :: Club Taurin Garlan

Hard-disk cleaning reveals some hidden gems  from 2012 …

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France, Le Touquet plage :: Repeating myself

France, Le Touquet plage :: Repeating myself

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France :: Aire des Falaises de Widehem-Ouest, 2

France :: Aire des Falaises de Widehem-Ouest, 2

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