France, Côte d’Opale :: Weekend Empire

France, Côte d'Opale :: Weekend Empire

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Belgium, Ostend :: Bad trip

Belgium, Ostend :: Bad trip

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Belgium, Ostend :: Bubbles

Belgium, Ostend :: Bubbles

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Belgium, Ostend :: ‘Ik was hier’ – ‘I was here’

Belgium, Ostend :: 'Ik was hier' - 'I was here'

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Albania :: Easy rider

Albania :: Easy rider


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Albania :: Fast Fod [sic]

Albania :: Fast Fod [sic]

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Emptying my harddisk on

Atlantik wall museum, Ostend, Raversijde

A photo blog is nice to share the odd picture, but I wanted to start an easy to browse photo portfolio site.

The result is currently hosted on

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