Emptying my harddisk on http://stevevanhoyweghen.github.io

Atlantik wall museum, Ostend, Raversijde

A photo blog is nice to share the odd picture, but I wanted to start an easy to browse photo portfolio site.

The result is currently hosted on http://stevevanhoyweghen.github.io

So far so good, but still work in progress. Feedback welcome.

For the technical inclined …

This site is an html-Javascript-CSS-jpeg only site, meaning no server software, database etc. So no security issues and easily to host anywhere for free (or almost for free) without advertisements and other annoying limitations.

The site is generated with a Python program and some tools I wrote myself. I will make it available for free (open source) once I have used the software extensively.  The EXIF and IPTC tags from the jpeg image files are used to generate the text and pages. These tags can be filled out in Lightroom (Title, caption, keywords, …) or any other RAW convertor.



One thought on “Emptying my harddisk on http://stevevanhoyweghen.github.io

  1. Awesome you have written your own website in program language python and the other tools you have written. I am curious for your code, I’ll check it out soon!

    Greetings by Sophie, a new programming student


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