Concrete roadside junk or sculpture?

Most people would consider it roadside junk, but what if you put this in a museum with a convincing story attached to it? I wonder? Ideas welcome 🙂

Anyway that’s the power of photography. You can turn a piece of junk into an interesting picture. However, I would not dare to call it art since I have no good story.

Concrete roadside junk or sculpture?

Concrete roadside junk or sculpture?

4 thoughts on “Concrete roadside junk or sculpture?

    • Hi Ray, I agree, but I am often intrigued by ‘accidental art’. These are things that you find on your way and that have ‘that’ something, if looking at from the right angle. A photograph is ideal to isolate that and freeze that impression.
      This is contrasting with preconceived museum grade installations that need a catalog text to push you into the frame of appreciation. This is an interesting dichotomy between ‘real art’ and accidental observations.
      Anyway, it would be good to hear some stories or associations about what people see in this picture. I was for example surprised when peoples saw a ‘keyhole to the past’ in this picture I never made the association myself. It illustrates that people like stories, metaphors, and analogies because it challenges our brain and gives us more context influencing how we perceive things.


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