Exploring video :: My first baby steps

Why I’m writing this?

I have two cameras. Both have the ability to record video footage. Like so many photographers I film brief snippets to fill up my hard disk, but I am usually not pleased with the result. My quality standards for stills applied to video are simply not cutting it. If you are into photography yourself you probably recognize this pattern I guess. To end my ‘frustration’ I decided to subscribe to a short half-year course on filming, one evening a week.

Ambition level

My ambition level is rather modest. I just want to master the basics and be able to get something decent out of my camera to share it. Once I have the 60 hour course finalized, I will be able to decide if video is something I keep in my toolbox or not.


I will report on my progress and failures because I think that could help people in a similar situation. I wish I came across such a blog years ago when I was doing my first photography baby steps. That would probably have saved me a lot of time and money along the learning track. Since I’m not yet sure if video is my thing I will keep the out-of-pocket money as low as possible. Surfing the web for video gear reveals a lot of potential expenses which I would like to prevent. I’m not a pro and earning my money as an IT engineer. To be fair I already own quite a bit of nice photo equipment, so that should do it for now.

What to expect

So if you come here to get a specialist insight of a seasoned videographer, you are at the wrong address. Go elsewhere! However, if you are keen to look over my shoulder and like to follow my first baby steps, considerations I’m making, gear I’m acquiring, etc. read on.

Be interactive!

Please join me if you are on a similar journey by posting comment, sharing hints and tips, etc. We can learn from each other.


2 thoughts on “Exploring video :: My first baby steps

  1. YES! I am so happy to read this post! I have videotaped several people’s life stories without knowing too much about videotaping. I then decided that I probably should learn photography first, before learning videotaping. I am looking forward to reading your post on videotaping. THANKS in advance. Helen


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