Food photography? :: Sticky salami

And now something different …

Here is the first image in the series ‘Food photography?’, with the work called ‘Sticky salami’. This picture is also used for the invitations and the poster of the upcoming exhibition event.

Stay tuned, nine more will follow! I will post the remaining images in the coming days.

Please give your opinion and let me know what you think about it!

Food photography 4: Sticky salami

Food photography 4: Sticky salami



I followed several years evening classes at the PCVO Waas en Durme institute. To receive the photographer certification I created a portfolio consisting of two sets of five images each, with the themes:

“Food photography?” Shows images of food, or references to food, in unusual configurations.

“The flesh is weak”. Here I created still-life images that refer to human weaknesses.

To represent both themes I have used everyday objects, but outside their normal context. The resulting images need to be ‘read’ twice. First, the objects are recognized. Next, the suggested associations are ‘read’. The same approach is often used in surreal and conceptual art forms. All images have an absurdly humorous twist. To enhance the visual coherence of the two series I have chosen saturated, repeating colors to get a consistent presentation. The deliberate use of a simple background facilitates the ‘reading’ of the hinted associations.


11 thoughts on “Food photography? :: Sticky salami

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