Print photos with 2 by 3 dimensions on A-size paper formats

Printing photos with 2 by 3 dimensions on A2, A3+, A3, and A4 formats with an equal border poses the problem that A-sized paper dimension does not respect the 2 by 3 dimensions of the average photo sensor.

If you look for fast and cheap framing it is nice if you can use standard A-sized frames without a ‘passe-partout’. For this reason you like to print the photo exactly centered with equal white space at all sides of the photograph.

Printing 2 by 3 dimensioned photos on A-sized paper with equal white space is easy to calculate. After some substitutions I found the following formula to calculate the optimal photo length: Photo Length= 2 * (Paper Length – Paper width). Applying this formula to different A-paper sizes gives the following results:

Paper Picture
Format Width (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm) Length (mm) Border (mm)
A2 420 594 348 522 36,0
A3 297 420 246 369 25,5
A3+ 329 483 308 462 10,5
A4 201 297 174 261 18,0

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