Drawing studio and strobist setups

Sometimes you want to make a sketch of your strobist or studio lighting setup. I needed this for example to document my photo assignments for the photography classes I took. Instead of drawing things by hand or making sketches with non-dedicated tools I looked for online resources.

A brief search on the web revealed the following two on-line tools:

  • http://www.professionalsnapshots.com/PhotoDiagram/: This is a rather basic, but very intuitive tool that works fast. It is however rather limited and can get in the way when sketching more complicated setups. It is possible to add notes.
  • http://www.lightingdiagrams.com/Creator: This one is more advanced, but it is not possible to add notes. People interested to sketch sound engineering setups are served here as well.
  • http://www.kevinkertz.com/fm/LightingSetup.psd.zip: Last but not least, there is also a very nice offline alternative. Download this Photoshop template file offering several layers with all kind of equipment. Non-Photoshop owners should not despair. I was able to open and process the template with Gimp. The template approach is the most flexible of all alternatives, but you have to master Photoshop or Gimp to some extent.

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